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Summer learning loss widens the achievement gap. Here’s how to change that

The Hechinger Report – William Whitaker

“Most students celebrate being out of school for the summer, but hitting pause on learning and structure for just a few months can have big consequences. Evidence shows that high-quality summer learning programs set students up for success in school, in college, and in life. This is especially true for low –income, minority students. Investing in our children’s education and safety should include providing smarter summers. For many D.C.-area students and families, summer learning programs are a luxury that’s out of reach. After schools close in June, parents struggle with finding safe, affordable ways to keep their children engaged. Consider that in D.C., a family with two school-age children can expect to pay an average $2,597 per month for child care, according to calculations from the Economic Policy Institute. Summer camps can also pose a significant financial burden.”(more)

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