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We need to mandate financial education in grades K-12… and beyond

Market Watch – Robert Powell

“If ever there was a reason to mandate financial education in grades K-12 (and perhaps beyond into college and the workplace) here in the U.S. this might be it. A survey published by the FINRA Financial Investor Education Foundation in July shows a correlation between exposure to financial education and financial literacy levels. In fact, the authors of the study – the 2015 National Financial Capability Study (NFCS) – reported that respondents who were offered and participated in financial education (by a school or college, or a workplace) performed better on a financial literacy quiz (averaging 3.6 correct out of six questions) than respondents who were offered financial education but didn’t participate (3.1 correct) as well as those not offered any financial education at all (3.1 correct).”(more)

The Importance Of Getting Things Wrong

NPR – Anya Kamenetz

“Think about our planet for a second. Earth has an elliptical — oval-shaped — orbit. That means we’re closer to the sun for one part of the year and farther away another part of the year. Does that fact explain why it’s hotter in the summer and colder in the winter? Lots of kids think it does. Lots of adults think so, too. And they’re wrong. Philip Sadler is both a professor of astronomy and the director of the science education department at Harvard University, and he is obsessed with wrong answers like these. “Students are not empty vessels,” he says. “Students are full of all kinds of knowledge, and they have explanations for everything.” From birth, human beings are working hard to figure out the world around us.”(more)