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Positive attitude toward math predicts math achievement in kids

Stanford Medicine – Erin Digitale

“For the first time, scientists have identified the brain pathway that links a positive attitude toward math to achievement in the subject. In a study of elementary school students, researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine found that having a positive attitude about math was connected to better function of the hippocampus, an important memory center in the brain, during performance of arithmetic problems.” (more)

Five Ways to Make Peer Feedback Effective In Your Classroom

Ed Surge – David Kofoed Wind

“Three years ago I was teaching a graduate computer science course with 20 students. When students weren’t solving assignments or giving presentations, I was able to spend my time interacting with them one-on-one. The class operated smoothly. Then I changed the title of the course to include the words “big data”. Next year my course—using the same curriculum—had 150 students sign up! When teaching many students at once, some ordinary things become near impossible. There is no way to give personalized feedback when I have 600 pages to grade each week. (That’s 150 students x 10 assignments in 13 weeks x 5 pages per assignment). Colleagues suggested that I switch to multiple choice exams, but I declined because I believe strongly in the importance of open-ended problem solving. Instead, I decided to enhance my approach to problem solving by incorporating peer review—letting students participate in the feedback and assessment process.” (more)

10 steps to developing a powerful professional-learning culture

E-School News – Thomas C. Murray

““Be the leader you wish you had.” —Simon Sinek. Professional learning in many districts must undergo radical reform, from a model that’s outdated and ineffective to one that’s personal, empowering, and owned by the learner. How can we create such a culture of ownership and empowerment?.” (more)

Quick Tips for Effective Teacher Recruitment

Education World – Les Potter

“I have been a school administrator since 1977. In the last few years it has been getting more difficult to hire good teachers. In the United States there is a teacher shortage and reports state that colleges of education are down about 1/3 in students for teacher training. Many states are going to alternative certification to find the number and quality of teachers they need in their school districts.” (more)

How To Talk With Kids About Terrible Things

NPR – Cory Turner

“For the more than 3,000 students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Wednesday’s mass shooting was terrifying and life-changing. But what of the tens of millions of other children, in schools across the country, who have since heard about what happened and now struggle with their own feelings of fear, confusion and uncertainty? For their parents and teachers, we’ve put together a quick primer with help from the National Association of School Psychologists and Melissa Reeves, a former NASP president and co-author of its PREPaRE School Crisis Prevention and Intervention curriculum.” (more)