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The important (and unimportant) parts of child nutrition

The Poughkeepsie Journal – Dr. Kimberly Clare

“You may have noticed if you’ve been a parent for a while that the rules on feeding our children are constantly changing. You may find it stressful to keep up with new recommendations, especially when you have a hard time getting your child to eat anything. While I’m not a trained nutritionist, being a pediatrician means trying to help parents use this information to start their children on a path of healthful eating for life. The first rule is that children never read the rulebook. Your mileage may vary when it comes to what your child will actually put in his or her mouth. Let yourself off the hook about your child’s eating habits. Of the many things in your child’s life that you want to have power and control over, this will give you the most stress with the least productive outcome.”(more)

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