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The Love of Reading: There is Much More Than Literacy at Stake for Young Learners

The Prescott News – John Grimaldi

“Getting your kids ready for school goes beyond outfitting them with pencils, pens and new clothes,” says author and publisher David Bruce Smith. “The most important ‘gift’ you can give your child is a love for reading.” He says that reading is elemental to the education process but, he adds, there is much more than literacy at stake for young learners. “To paraphrase a character in a movie I once saw, the key to all knowledge comes in words.” Smith, who co-founded the Grateful American Book Prize for authors who write and publish historically accurate works of fiction/nonfiction– especially for kids– points out that a well-read child becomes a productive citizen. Reading also promotes curiosity, which is a cornerstone of success in later life.”(more)

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