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The roles of family and community in shaping educational success

The Deseret News – Eric Schulzke

“Every Saturday morning, a crowd of adults — some alone, others with toddlers in tow — squeeze into a classroom in the heart of New York City’s Harlem neighborhood to study better parenting at Baby College. In the nine-week free program, new parents learn about their child’s brain and how to develop it. They learn how to read to young children, talk to a child who is too young to answer, provide balanced nutrition and offer loving discipline without anger. “When middle-class parents are speaking with young children, they don’t really issue directives so much as they engage the child in a conversation, reasoning things through with them,” says Anna Egalite, an education professor at North Carolina State University. Since its launch in 2000, Baby College has graduated 5,522 parents. It’s part of a much larger nonprofit project known as the Harlem Children’s Zone, which aims to build a stronger community that helps parents nurture and direct their kids.”(more)

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