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This NFL Player Wants to Get More Kids into STEM

Fox News Business – Serena Elavia

“Getting kids interested in math and science can be a tough thing to do in classrooms. The statistics are sobering. According to data from the National Math + Science Initiative Opens a New Window. , just 44% of high school graduates are ready for college level math, while 36% are ready for college level science. That’s why Texas Instruments (TI) (TXN) has created a series of programs Opens a New Window. and curriculum materials to promote STEM education by inserting the lessons into their daily lives and attaching it to what they like. “The goal is to have see kids see basic math principles all around them. We want them to pursue more advanced mathematics in middle and high school,” Peter Balyta, President of Texas Instruments Education Technology tells TI has rolled out multiple programs like the STEM Behind Hollywood and have an ongoing partnership with NASA to engage young students.”(more)

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