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Tim Peake: We need to tell young people they can reach for the stars

The Telegraph – Boudicca Fox-Leonard

“There was a time when it seemed nine out of 10 children wanted to be an astronaut. Then somewhere between the giddy days of the Space Race and our computer-crazed present, children stopped reaching for the stars. However, since last December when he was fired into space on board Soyuz TMA-19M, astronaut Major Tim Peake has turned a generation of young people’s ambitions skywards once more. The second Briton in space (the first was Helen Sharman in 1991) captured the attention and imaginations of millions across the UK with his regular communications from the International Space Station. Since returning to Earth in June, the former British Army Air Corps officer and pilot has been assessing the data from the various experiments he conducted during his six months in space – as well as the effects the experience had on his body. He’s also been coming to terms with how his journey has fuelled the aspirations of children back home.”(more)

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