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Too much technology? Don’t spoil your child with ‘electric pacifiers’

The Miami Herald – Rachel Spector

“Electronic devices are all around us: as diversions, connectors and educational tools. For parents and children, technology is helpful, entertaining and damaging — all at the same time. So moms and dads need a plan to resist allowing children to latch onto an “electric pacifier.” But pumping the brakes on tech use can be a tough line to take, as there are proven benefits to screen time. Without a doubt, tech skills are useful, and mastering them can translate into a lucrative career down the line. Technology is a bridge to knowledge — and we all know that knowledge is power. Children who grow up with computers or even regular video game access may be more inclined to explore the underlying technology of these devices. Interest in the flourishing STEM field is generally thought of as a good thing. At the same time, limiting access is important because there are risks to too much tech.”(more)

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