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We Know SEL Skills Are Important, So How the Heck Do We Measure Them?

Ed Surge – Jen Curtis

“Soft skills. SEL and MESH competencies. Habits of Heart and Mind. Whatever you call them, a growing body of research suggests these non-academic, social-emotional competencies deserve our attention. Studies have linked social-emotional learning (SEL) programs with improved focus, stronger relationships, lower anxiety and higher test scores. Even American political parties, at-odds about everything, agree SEL competencies play a vital role in the economic success of today’s students. But as more and more schools recognize the importance of SEL curriculums—and with the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) now allowing schools to choose a non-academic accountability measure—the question is being raised: Do we need to measure these competencies, and if so, how the heck do we do it?.”(more)

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