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What Colleges Should Know About A Growing ‘Talent Strategy’ Push By Companies

Ed Surge – Jeffrey R. Young

“Companies want secret formulas for identifying talented job candidates—and weeding out duds. So they’re increasingly hunting for patterns in candidate behavior and educational backgrounds, as part of a trend that is sometimes called “talent strategy.” At a conference on the future of credentials held this week in Washington, for instance, Karyn Marciniak, vice president for people analytics at Two Sigma, was asked what she’s noticed in her quest to apply big data to HR. For one thing, bad grammar is a proven red flag. But she’s also noticed more unexpected patterns. It turns out that which Web browser a candidate uses to apply correlates to later success for some coding jobs (apparently those who stick with their computer’s default software perform less well on the job than those who download a different browser or add plugins).”(more)

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