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What the Newest Fitness Craze Can Teach Us About Personalized Learning

Ed Surge – Jin-Soo Huh

“We’re now two months into 2017—a good time to set aside the half-priced post-Valentine’s Day candy and check in on our New Year’s resolutions. This year, I committed to getting in shape, so my first stop was Orangetheory Fitness, a trendy chain of gyms that provides not only high-intensity workouts and the shot at a six-pack, but also some valuable takeaways for the classroom. What makes Orangetheory gyms special are their data-driven workouts. Participants move between rowers, treadmills, and floor exercises with heart-rate monitors attached. During the intense one-hour workouts, performance data is projected onto screens that members can watch, getting real-time feedback from personalized tiles that change colors based on heart rate. The stream of data serves as a quick way for participants to make sure they’re maximizing their workout and provides a healthy dose of competition.”(more)

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