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What Would Abe Lincoln’s Social Media Campaign Look Like? A New Classroom Use For Twitter and Facebook

Ed Surge – Glenn Wiebe

“During the 2008 presidential election, Barack Obama and his team pioneered the use of social media as a powerful campaign tool. It’s easy to forget, given how commonplace the use of social media is today, that back in 2008. sending out reminders and raising money on Twitter while interacting with people on Facebook was a huge deal. Both Twitter and the iPhone were less than a year old. But Obama’s use of mobile devices and social media changed political campaigns forever. Now, imagine what earlier campaigns might have looked like if social media tools had been available. Think about how the use of social media may have affected the 1860 presidential election. While we can complain about the divisiveness of the 2016 version, the 1860 election was a particularly tumultuous period in American history. And it was fairly close—with no one candidate winning a majority of the popular vote.”(more)

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