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What’s a Few Billion between Friends? The Fuzzy Numbers on 529s for K-12 Tuition

Education Next – Avrohom Weinstock

“In recent weeks, critics, mostly in the form of Nat Malkus, in his December 19th New York Times Op-Ed, his NPR Op-Ed; his U.S. News & World Report Op-Ed; and the voice of austerity in any related story, have decried the recent federal expansion of 529 accounts… The expansion, concludes Malkus, confirms “the worst caricature of Republicans and education — taking money from the poor to give to the rich.” Sounds pretty appalling! Appalling, that is, until one takes a closer look. Let’s start with the first figure provided: “about 465,000 New York private school students.” Actually, after removing pre-K students, who are excluded from the new law, the latest NYS State Education Department census documents 407,176 New York State K-12 private school students.” (more)

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