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What’s Working: Setting Goals For Success

The Huffington Post – Allan Golston

“Whether a student is laying out a school uniform, the latest in brand-name gear, or simply a clean set of clothes, this simple act is full of meaning. Because in the care with which they choose that first outfit, and in the symbolism of arranging it—just so—students capture the excitement of the Back to School season; the anticipation of what the new school year will hold; and the planning required for a successful year ahead. Planning is good, but of course there are plans to enact and goals to set that are far more central to students’ success in school than the clothes they wear. That’s why over the next two weeks, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is celebrating the Back to School season by highlighting powerful examples of the thoughtful planning, the intensive collaboration, and the ambitious goal-setting that parents, teachers, and communities are undertaking this school year to set students on the path toward real and lasting success.”(more)

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