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Why Do Children Love Those Fad Toys So?

NPR – Emily Sohn

“First, it was Pokémon. Then came a special trick yo-yo, Magic: The Gathering cards, and some kind of “thinking putty.” Over time, my 9-year-old’s obsessions have changed. But one thing has remained consistent: When he wants something, he really, really wants it — often because, in his words, “everyone else has one.” He’s clearly not alone in his desire for the latest fad toy. From the pet rocks and Tickle Me Elmos of decades past to today’s fidget spinners, certain toys have a way of taking kids’ daydreams by storm. And while plenty of research has probed the secrets of viral products, a more primal question lingers: Why do kids want fad toys so badly in the first place?.”(more)

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