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Why Do So Many Schools Want to Implement Project-Based Learning, But So Few Actually Do?

Ed Surge – Alejo Rivera

“In a world where so much knowledge is a two-second search away, many schools are losing interest in models that promote static learning to know. They’re looking to embrace dynamic models that promote learning to do and learning to be. Project-Based Learning (PBL) allows learners to develop skills by solving meaningful, real-world challenges , i.e. organizing a 5k race to raise money for charity or writing and performing a play on the colonization of Mars. Recently,Finland redesigned its school system to make PBL a core part of national pedagogy. According toSRI International, students in PBL classrooms achieve higher test grades compared to their traditional counterparts. And in the US, schools that do PBL like theNew Tech Network orActon Academy are rapidly expanding.”(more)

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