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Will middle schools become a thing of the past?

The Sun-Sentinel – Lois K. Solomon

“Middle schools, once seen as a progressive replacement for junior highs, also appear to be on their way out. In their place: K-8 centers, which offer a gentler pre-teen transition into the world of class changes, multiple teachers, electives and academic responsibility. Palm Beach County schools plan to open at least three in the coming years. Broward has five; Miami-Dade is leading the pack with 47. “These kids are with us for nine years,” said Robert Pappas, principal of Gulfstream Academy, a new K-8 school in Hallandale Beach. “I don’t know that K-8 will give us a specific advantage, but we will know our kids and will deliver high-quality instruction because we know them so well.” Research is showing that students have an improved sense of social connection and superior academic results at K-8 centers, which can be found in every state.”(more)

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