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You Seriously Need to Sleep More

Education World – Keith Lambert

“You don’t sleep enough. At least, statistically speaking. You see, you need sleep in order to think clearly and react quickly to your environment. And it is during the later hours of sleep (often between hours six and eight) when the brain does some of its richest, most healing, and rejuvenating work. But you? Well, the average teacher only sleeps six hours a night. Which means you’re not getting these benefits. And I’m sure many of you wish you could manage even six hours! So it is no surprise that 64% of teachers report feeling drowsy during the school day and only a third of you admit to getting a good night’s sleep most of the time. On top of that, 45% of teachers are working part-time jobs just to make ends meet. But maybe there’s no news here. You live it every day. Education World is here to tell you, however, that there is hope.”(more)

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