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Your Brain On A Runner’s High: How Aerobic Exercise Creates New Cells Through Neurogenesis

Medical Daily – Staff Writer

“Recently, a group of scientists at the University of Ottawa published the newest evidence that getting off your duff makes your brain stronger. It’s sad news for the couch potatoes of the world. For those who wear out a pair of running shoes (or two) every year, it’s one of those studies that isn’t much of a surprise. Physical exercise and specifically aerobic exercise does some very positive things for the brain. There’s a lot of scientific evidence that exercise allows for neurogenesis which is neuron repair and new neuron formation. Since the brain is heavily made up of neurons, high levels of neurogenesis are a good indication of a healthy brain. It’s like looking at a city and seeing a bunch of cranes and construction teams working on buildings. Only healthy systems have the resources for repairing infrastructure. Disrepair, by contrast, is a mark of wavering health.”(more)

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